A demon-haunted wasteland that lies at the northern-most reaches of central Avistan, the Worldwound is an unnatural blight: it is a rift to the Abyss opened on the Material Plane. The Worldwound refers both to the rift itself and the demon-infested wasteland that surrounds it. The Worldwound appeared shortly after the death of the god Aroden and is probably the greatest threat to life on the face of Golarion.


The Worldwound was created in the tumultuous chaos following the death of Aroden. This rift to the Abyss is said to have been prophesied long before Aroden’s ascension to godhood, when he walked Golarion as a man. A nation known as Sarkor once stood where the Worldwound has appeared. When Aroden died, it caused a very slight planar shift that knocked the whole of Golarion from its normal metaphysical alignment and slightly towards the fearful abyssal plane.

The Worldwound began its encroachment with strange demonic beasts haunting the barrows and tombs of the Northmounds. These foul creatures soon spread out, attacking nearby isolated clan holdings. While worried, the people of Sarkor believed that the imminent return of Aroden would solve the problem.

Rumors began to spread of a mile-long cosmic blight that was rimmed by jet black flames located southwest of the city of Iz; this site became known as the Worldwound. This corruption soon spread to engulf an area the size of a country, destroying what was once Sarkor. The Worldwound’s unchecked expansion was only halted when the Mendevian Crusades were launched.

Hearing of the Abyssal incursions in the north, the church of Iomedae dedicated itself to closing the rift and stopping the demons’ advance. Still reeling from the death of their goddess’ patron, Aroden, the clergy decided that a crusade would unite the still fledgling faith and complete the task Aroden had begun against the followers of Deskari so long ago.

Since the First Mendevian Crusade was launched in 4622AR, thousands of devout Iomedaeans have traveled across the Lake of Mists and Veils and up the Sellen River to the Mendevian cities of Nerosyan and Kenabres to battle with the demons of the Worldwound. Though they have beaten back the Abyssal onslaught numerous times, they have never been able to close the rift between the planes.

The Worldwound is feared by all surrounding nations as its borders constantly push against their boundaries always trying to expand. The nations who call the Worldwound their neighbor fear that the fate of the lost nation of Sarkor will become their own. To the west lies the Realm of the Mammoth Lords, whose tribes fight constant skirmishes with the demons. To the east lies the crusader nation of Mendev, the Worldwound’s most vehement opponent. Once the nation of Mendev surrounded the whole of the Worldwound, stretching from the old Sarkorite city of Dyinglight to the now ruined city of Storasta, to the conquered crusader city of Drezen. Now all three of these cities have fallen to the foul Abyssal blight.

To the south of lies the Hold of Belkzen, Numeria, and Ustalav. These three nations enjoy somewhat of a reprieve from the onslaught of the Abyssal armies, as the the demons of the Abyss have focused their attention on destroying crusader nation of Mendev and the tribes of the Mammoth Lords Realm.


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