West Sellen River

See also: Sellen River

The West Sellen River is separate from, but associated with, the vast Sellen River system. In itself, it is a long and important river forming the boundaries between nations as it flows from the Crown of the World before emptying into Sellen River.

The West Sellen rises in the far north of Avistan and forms the border between the demon-infested Worldwound and the Mendev, passing the city of Kenabres. Flowing south pas the lost Sarkorite city of Storasta, the river provides the eastern national boundary of Ustalav with Numeria and then the River Kingdoms.

Eventually, the border of Ustalav turns westward and the river now becomes the border between Razmiran and the River Kingdoms as the river continues southwards. Snaking between the River Kingdoms and the elven nation of Kyonin, the West Sellen eventually empties into the Sellen River.

The West Sellen is also known as the Crusader Road, as it provided safe passage to Nerosyan and Kenabres in the earlier years of the Mendevian Crusades. As the Worldwound advances, this passage has become increasingly unsafe, crusaders wishing to join the Mendevian Crusades now take the longer albeit safer River Road.

West Sellen River

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