A Wardstone is an artifact, a magical item of incredible power, generally beyond the ability of mortals to create. It is a menhir inscribed with runes which wards out demons. Its power must be maintained by regular prayers and rituals. The Wardstones are infused with the rare mineral nexovar, found in the hills along the Egelsee River in Mendev, which helps to combat the demonic taint.

The first Wardstone was erected in 4639AR in Kenabres. A string of fortresses were established along the border of the Worldwound after the Second Mendevian Crusade. Each of these fortresses along this line contained a Wardstone and were named after a dead crusader general. The most important of these is Clydwell Keep which contains the Demonscope, a powerful artifact that helps power the Wardstones.

This line keeps demonic forces from crossing between the Worldwound and and its neighbors, as long as its attendant priests maintain the power of the Wardstones with prayer and ritual. Creatures of intrinsically chaotic or evil nature cannot pass between wardstones. However, these obelisks must be continuously maintained by priests and protected from demonic attack, as the Wardstones themselves are not protected by this barrier.

The wardstones also prevent any form of teleportation magic from functioning across the borders, whether from a demonic source or otherwise. The Wardstones do not hinder such magic from functioning normally inside the Worldwound.


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