The Quartermaster

The quartermaster keeps the master record of what each player has or does not have, as well of any pack animals or hirelings. Players may keep their own copies, but they are responsible for ensuring that the quartermaster’s records are accurate. If it is not on the quartermaster’s sheet, they do not have it. The quartermaster may appoint an assistant responsible for some subset of the party.

The Quartermaster keeps track of each party members goods in between games on this page

Chiemeka des Chapeaux

Two daggers with serpent inlays
Potion of Cure Light Wounds
some Poison
a potion of Fire Resistance
cold iron longsword
2 Paladin heads

Chakk/Elibor Gunter, The Demon Doctor

Scars from the First Gate
dwarven spellbook
mithral chain shirt
lightweight cart driven by giant-yet-obedient roaches
1 vial of alchemical poison

Reginald Aloysius Pennington III

An empty coinpurse
1 candle stub
1 copper brooch (bat and mushroom) appraised at 200gp
flint and steel
cold iron hammer
scroll of Cause Fear
masterwork chain shirt
1 jewel encrusted goblet

Selma Wolberg

A Rune-inlaid Cloak with the symbol of the rising sun
address of a masked man she knows
a vial of holy water

Windjammer McHenry XVI

An empty coinpurse
2 flasks of oil
1 knotted gold ring appraised at 150gp
1 jewel encrusted goblet
1 scroll Shocking Grasp
1 scroll Resist Energy
1 scroll of Righteous Blood


Fine quality vestments of a Cleric of Sarenrae, golden and shimmering
A well-crafted morningstar, radiating with holy power
cold iron axe
marble statue depicting a naked woman with a spear
flint & steel


1 candle stub
20 arrows
20 cold iron arrows
cold iron spear
1 potion of invisibility
one golden bull head
masterwork chain shirt
block & tackle
5 caltrops
200 ft hemp rope
flint & steel
wand – 10 charges of Longstrider
bull symbol


flint & steel
2 potions of Cure Light Wounds

Xiang Bu

1 candle stub
1 potion of Cure Light Wounds

Party Treasure: Weapons & Armor

Elven-make high quality chain shirt
Composite shortbow
Orcish-make rough and battered Falchion
A delicate looking shortsword with a noble look about it
A robustly-made splint mail, smells of rose oil and incense
Military grade heavy repeating crossbow, inscribed with the insignia of the Fighting 59th

Party Treasure: Art, Gold & Gems

Pouch containing 40 rough-cut Diamonds
Two golden armbands inlaid with jade and amethyst, a griffon depicted on each
1 golden bull head
129 gp

Party Treasure: Potions & Scrolls

Potion of Bull’s Strength
Potion of Cure Light Wounds
Potion of Blur
Potion of Clear Vision
Scroll, harsh and slanted handwriting
Scroll, watery and blue handwriting
Scroll, clumsy and friendly handwriting
Scroll, nearly invisible ink in block handwriting

Party Treasure: Odds & Ends

A twiggy wand
Stone token in the shape of a feather
A bundle of sturdy lockpicks
Fine quality tunic, frock slacks and a sharp hat, fit for a baron!
Locked darkwood sword case, with a defiled symbol of Iomedae scrawled onto the lock

Party NPC Tag-Alongs

Aravashnial the cranky, blind wizard
Anivia Tirablade with a broken leg
Millorn Thunderstone the crazy Dwarf and friend of the Corgyn

The Quartermaster

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