Mendevian Crusades

The opening of the Worldwound in 4606AR did not cause an immediate reaction, as the breach and the demons that poured from it expanded slowly at first. As the threat became more serious and tales spread of the invasion, the nations of the Inner Sea region and the major benevolent churches began to take notice. To date, four Crusades have been launched against the demons of the Worldwound, and while all four have had varying degrees of success and failure, none have yet driven the armies of Deskari, Lord of the Locust Host, from this world.

This First Crusade was launched by the faltering church of Aroden in 4622AR an attempt to whip the fallen god’s remaining followers into a righteous frenzy. They were assisted in their efforts by the growing church of Iomedae, eager to carry on the work of its predecessor. As thousands of pilgrim crusaders flooded up the the Sellen River and into Mendev, the crusader state as it exists today was born. The First Crusade resulted in the successful recapturing of the Sarkor city of Drezen from the demonic hordes, and is considered to be the most successful of the four.

For almost a generation it seemed that the frontier with the Worldwound would remain quiet. But then the demons struck back with a terrible vengeance and the crusaders suffered defeat after costly defeat, their worst loss being the fall of crusader city of Drezen in 4638AR. The Second Crusade failed to reclaim the city, but did result in the erection of the Wardstones to contain the evil that overran Sarkor. These menhirs placed along the West Sellen River and the Moutray River, protecting the city of Kenabres and Nerosyan.

The Third Crusade was launched twenty years later, after the relative safety provided by the Wardstones resulted in entrenched corruption within the ranks of the Mendevian crusaders. It petered out after three years, and is often derisively referred to as the witch hunt crusade.

Nearly twenty five years later, Kenabres was assaulted by demonic forces in an attempt to destroy the Wardstone housed there. In response, the Fourth Mendevian Crusade was launched which was intended to match the scale and recruitment not seen since the First Crusade. This lead to divisions within the crusade, particularly since the Fourth Crusade saw the number of mercenaries, rogues, and other so called “low templars” rise to match the number of pious crusaders.

The nation of Mendev now exists in a fragile state – a situation is made worse by the fact that many nations see the Fourth Crusade as a convenient dumping ground for political dissidents, thugs, criminals, and other undesirables. Crusaders still arrive weekly by the boat load, streaming in from across the Lake of Mists and Veils from the Sellen River.

Mendevian Crusades

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