The homeland of the elven race on Golarion, Kyonin was nearly completely abandoned until recently. Only recently have Elves returned to Golarion to reclaim their ancient homeland and have set about trying to repopulate their magnificent cities.

Kyonin may not always have been known as Kyonin and has not always had the same borders as it has today, but it has always been the spiritual homeland of the elves. For some unknown reason, an immense Elven Kingdom simply faded away many centuries ago, through a magical gate. They left behind little more than legends and fantastical ruined cities. Some elves, however, did remain on Golarion.

The Five Kings Mountains form the southern border of Kyonin. On the western border lies Lake Encarthan, and the northern and eastern borders are formed by the Sellen River, which flows to the Inner Sea.

As an isolationist nation, Kyonin has complex relations with the human nations it shares borders with. The elves find some of their neighbors admirable, such as just Andoran to the south and the crusaders traveling north up the Sellen River to reach Mendev. Other neighbors, however, showcase the worst elements of human civilization—like bureaucratic Druma to the west, chaotic Galt to the east, and the constantly warring River Kingdoms to the north. Additionally, Kyonin is effectively at war with Razmiran to the north, which has declared the elves to be heretics. The war is not a particularly active one, however, as Kyonin’s northern border is well-defended, and Razmiran is not eager to lose more troops attacking the elves on their ground. Perhaps surprisingly, the elves have a cordial, even friendly relationship with the dwarves of the Five Kings Mountains as both support isolationist policies.

The population of Kyonin consists almost exclusively of elves, despite their limited numbers and low birth rate. Kyonin is considered the spiritual homeland of the elven people; as such, many elves are steadfastly opposed to the idea of non-elves living in Kyonin.

Kyonin is a haven of incredible natural beauty. . The exception to the immense beauty of Kyonin is the Tanglebriar, the demon-haunted swamps near the northern edge of the Five Kings Mountains.


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