Selma's Research Notes

Selma’s research note cover every single new thing she discovers, including
definitions of new concepts to her (like an Inn)
Red Dawn
Etc. She writes down EVERYTHING, and doesn’t always know what other people think is mundane knowledge vs important knowledge.

She is experiencing rapid growth, and uses a highly condescend form of writing down and organizing information to retain it all (except tragically her player’s difficulty with names), that she has copied from how her summoning books are written.

Selma is unaware of this, but, the Sarkorite she uses when writing is an encrypted form of the language (the Sarkorite she speaks is normal Sarkorite). It uses a shorthand designed to store information as references and calls with minimal grammatical structure. It may be the only thing Selma can read and write fluently, but it is a nearly impenetrable code to anyone other than its author.

Translated, her notes all look like this:

cave(32A) door-highSummoning(B2-45f) embued(B1-ig)-iomadae?(Chiemeka (1f)) sacrifice?(B1-im)

In which, Selma is referencing how in the Cave the fell into that contained Neathol, the Deep Delvers, where she regained Bernard & encountered another Vorlesh, and learned a whole host of new things about the Red Dawn, is where they found a Sarkorite door created and embued with High Summoning, a form of summoning that creates wonders. Selma specified Embued, as that is what gives the door it’s sustained magical properties, drawing from a controlled open portal to the plane of Positive Energy (and potentially more planes), but also that it is clearly somehow connected to Iomadae? Selma has been learning history and Iomadae’s connection to Aroden, and some of his to the Sarkorites, but she knows almost nothing of the god but that Chiemeka, Selma’s surrogate family, knows more about her. It is a research topic she needs to look into. Also, Selma is wondering about the sacrifice the door required. She has been learning High Summoning concepts to make new types of summons that might help her with saving Bernard and closing/understanding the Worldwound, as well as what the Vorlesh & Blackfire are doing with their circles, and the door’s magic from what she understands, would have required…. considerable sacrifice. Sacrifice is an open research ticket on many of her summoning notes.

Here is a breakdown of what Selma is researching pertaining to summoning, somewhere between here and there:

The more I look into Maccabean summoning and the ways the Bell activators interact with the energy point and Dichomatic meanings, the more I realize how limited my summoning up until now has been. Saving Bernard and being able to help the others fight has been incredibly useful, but, even modifying to complex fighting mechanics (I’m sure I’ll able to quickly open up basic sustained portals to trap creatures soon), and even with the summons I can pull off with nothing more than a circle portal drawn in the air, I cannot change items, saved Bernard, or understand what the Vorlesh have been doing.
So, I’m looking into High Summoning. It’s mention in my books is limited, but I’ve been able to work out many of the core concepts, and how I can modify the Maccabean Circle to incorporate them. With my knowledge and channel still being connected to the circle and the dicomatic understanding of Maccabean Summoning, I SHOULD be able to overcome the repeatedly warned of high sacrifice cost of High Summoning. The major barrier will be the long preparation time, and actually having the correct calculations for sacrifice material and containment. An under-draw could rebound on me and stop my heart I think, and an access could, worst case, destroy everything in a massive radius…. I should avoid telling people that. Also, there needs to be a heavy containment pattern to control the energy flow… (Selma goes on to list materials and equations)

I DID IT! It worked! And no one died! And it only took one small creature sacrifice!!! I made a Dawnwalker uniform using a pattern based on what was in that mural in Neathol and it’s PERFECT. I tried to keep people calm by only having them move 30 feet away. I’m pretty sure they believed that that was a safe distance. I’ll try to keep it that way.
I want to do some more tests first, but, I already have ideas as to how to make this Hybrid summoning circle work for embuing objects with sustained magical properties. And… if I can learn that, maybe I can learn how to un-embue Bernard from that crystal. He’s described it to me, and….. it’s a nightmare. I need to work fast.
I’m going to need 5 bell activators for this to work. Arivashnial might know about finding those given his research. Could there be some in Blackwing library still? They mentioned looters, but I’ve noticed people here put a lot of value on money, and no one has noted how important those bells are.
Also, there will need to be a energy summoning engine running attached to the circle…. I’ll need to research controlling the positive energy flow for that. The current hybrid circle has a low chance of breaking open, but with a positive energy engine, it’s only a matter of the circle’s half life. This could be…… dangerous. I’ll need make sure I get it right the first time.

Selma's Research Notes

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