Kitsune Race

Kitsune, or Fox Folk, are vulpine shapeshifters that hail from Tian Xia. All Fox Folk possess two forms: that of an attractive human of slender build with salient eyes, and their true form of an anthropomorphic fox. The Fox Folk’s origin is in the powerful outsider and deity Oinari.

They are ancient race, and their peak as a civilization has ended long ago. Sly and deceitful, they integrated with the humans who colonized their home land thousands of years ago, using their shapeshifting abilities to avoid conflict and confrontation. As generations passed, they perfected their magic until taking a human shape was within their blood.

There are very few Kitsune settlements upon their home continent, they generally stick to the cities hidden in their human forms. Some Kitsune journeyed to Kyonin where the Elves accept them and allow them to be in their true vulpine forms. They are both magical races that are in decline, and though Kitsune lives are far shorter , they share a long ancestral history.

They have fared very poorly since the fall of Lung Wa, and their numbers are drastically dwindled, and their culture at the brink of extinction. Of all the Sixteen Kingdoms of Shu, their population is highest in Po Li – where there are even White Kitsune within their Council of Oracles.



Kitsune Race

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