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  • Demons

    Demons exist for one reasonto destroy. Where their more lawful counterparts, the devils of Hell, seek to twist mortal minds and values to remake and

  • Devils

    Masters of corruption and despoilers of purity, devils seek to destroy all things good and drag mortal souls back with them to the depths of Hell.

    As the most numerous fiendish occupants of

  • Elven Race

    Despite the fact that elves are among the most common of Golarions humanoid races, they are a people in decline. Their culture peaked thousands of years ago, and they have been unable to

  • Halfing Race

    Halflings often live alongside and within the human cultures of Avistan, and often overlooked by the growth and success of those nations and

  • Armored Bears

    Though they refer to themselves as panserbjrn, armored bears resemble huge polar bears, which are nearly always wearing shining armor. Residing in the northern reaches of Avistan, in the

  • Human Race

    Humans are the most numerous civilized race of Golarion with a variety of ethnicities, and a stake in virtually every corner of the world. Known for their adaptability and versatility, humans have

  • Corgyn Race

    Corgyn are a short race of dog-like creatures, covered with fur, that stand about three feet tall and have short appendages. Their homeland is along the highlands near the foot of the Five

  • Otteroy Race

    Found primarily within the River Kingdoms, the otteroys are have inhabited the many waterways and rivers throughout this land. There are no stationary otteroy kingdoms, however large flotillas

  • Archon

    Archons are a race embodying fundamental goodness and law native to Heaven. Archons were once mortal souls and form the mainstay of Heavens

  • Daemons

    Daemons are among the youngest of the fiendish races, having come into existence before demons. Their existence is tied in with the existence of the mortals they prey upon. Their insidious evil is not

  • The Plague Horde

    The Plague Horde ( so dubbed by the Dwarves, as their true name is unknown) is massive army of violent and xenophobic rat-men who only recently came upon the scene in Golarion. Some years ago, the