Keshba Ignis Baldrek

A fire druid hailing from the dwarf city.


Keshba has dark skin, dark red hair tightly braided, and red-orange eyes. She constantly is training with her rope dart, which features an ingot of Fire Iron at the head, which is a metal especially engineered by dwarven Firebringers that is cold to the touch and may be set ablaze.
Being the daughter of crusaders, she has much to live up to in terms of bringing honor back to dwarves. Despite being cast out from society for much of her life, constantly being underfoot, she seeks to prove her worth both as a fighter and as a devotee of Asmodeus. Because of this pressure, she is prone to lying in order to present the best possible version of herself.


At the age of 18, Keshba burned her brother Telchar and was sent away to live with the fire druids in the undercity of Rolgrimmdur. Given the surname of Ignis assigned to those who channel fire in their blood. She was inducted into the church of Asmodeus and began to learn the ways of the Firebringers, a society of outcasts in the undercity who became her adopted family.

The only way for Firebringers to escape their servitude in the undercity was to volunteer in the many wars that the elder council of Rolgrimmdur proclaimed by the will of Torag were needed to keep all dwarves safe. Keshba, eager for a life, volunteered, she was sent to Kenabres to fight in against the demons of the Worldwound.

Though she was initially dismayed over her assignment, as fire is known to be of little use against demons, her hope in her burned stronger when the day before her departure she was visited by Asmodeus in her dreams. Asmodeus told her that he is eager to take a part in the crusade to squash the abyssal swarm, as it helps spread his dominion over all. He has told her that when the time is right, he will bestow upon her a great gift to aid her in this fight against the demon lord Deskari.

Keshba Ignis Baldrek

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