Chakk/Elibor Gunter, The Demon Doctor

Fox Folk Alchemist and Chirurgeon, master of disguise, (ex)agent of Norgorber, Hero of the Battle at the Tower of Estrad


Chakk/Elibor Gunter is a kitsune around 30 years of age. In his true form, his fur is tinged with a sooty grey, and covered in scars and he is lithe and thin. He stands 5’5’’ , though his tendency to slouch makes he seem shorter – and his eyes are a brilliant gold. In his human form, his skin is a dark tan, and his long hair turned gray in his early twenties. He is slightly stockier, and seems taller because his posture improves. His eyes are still gold.

Chakk/Elibor Gunter wears a heavy leather long coat, which is dotted with various pockets in which herbs/bottles/potions are stashed, over a black buttoned vest. He carries an assortment of instruments for surgery at his belt, the most noticeable of which is a cruel twisted heavy scalpel. He is almost constantly sorting his vials, occasionally uncorking one and taking a big sniff, regardless of which form he is in.

While Elibor exudes an aura of calm proficiency and arrogance, Chakk is much more shifty. He eyes dart around, and his calculating nature is more obvious. He licks his fangs, bears them unpleasantly, and more than one observer has felt like like he’d be more than inclined to cut them up on a table to see how they worked. There is a tattoo behind his right ear that the knowledgable might recognize as a symbol of Blackfingers and his Skinsaw Men.

He finds other canine races distasteful, particularly harboring disgust for the corgyn and a deep distrust for dwarves.


The Fox Folk known as Chakk was born within the Estrovian Forest some 30 years ago. He was abandoned as a pup – likely because of his gray tinged fur, a bad omen among his people. By chance, a wandering caravan stumbled upon him after he had taken his human form, he was taken in and brought to Kenebras – and thus the persona of Elibor Gunter was born. Adopted by the ones who found him, he was raised behind the walls of the city in an estate in Warehouse Square in the district of New Kenabres. The young Elibor was cunning even in his young age, and made sure to never reveal his true form – the culture of suspicion would surely see him dead or locked away in some cell. He named himself “Chakk”, another secret he would never reveal to anyone. While Elibor was the perfect son, a proper student and chaste boy, Chakk would frequently explore the city to cause mischief.

When he was 16 years old, Chakk intentionally snuck behind enemy lines in Worldwound to explore – and was promptly captured by a group of demon-worshipping cultists. Chakk spent days being brutalized and prepared for sacrifice. Beaten, bloodied, and awaiting his fate – he was only able to escape with the help of a mysterious woman. She appeared to him, released him from his bonds, whispered a word of encouragement to him – all before disappearing. Chakk pushes himself to his limits, and using every trick he knew – was able to escape the cultists and make it back over the wall.

The night of his return, Chakk jumped on a caravan heading across the Crown of the World – Elibor Gunter vanished without a trace. Chakk spent the next few years adrift across Golarion, visiting the distant continents and learning the trade of a doctor. He came under the tutelage of Calcipher, his former lover and fellow Skinsaw Man, and the other members of an adventuring group known as The Emperor’s Men.

In the years of Chakk following them as a noncombatant he learned how to fight from his father-figure Hobgoblin Bolder Blood, and the twisted form of alchemy that he practices from Chiron, the hooded rat-man claiming to hail from The Plague Horde. The division of the Emperor’s Men following the death of Chiron by the hands of the Knights of Lastwall, and a nearly deadly falling out with Calcipher – he went into hiding with his guise of Elibor Gunter, a young doctor who was deeply interested in the study of demons. He managed to avoid both the Knights of Lastwall and his spurned lover while his hunt for knowledge through research and cruel vivisection earned him the title of " The Demon Doctor" , a dangerous character to both demons and other races of interest – capable of killing you or healing your injuries. After many years on the road, Chakk/Elibor Gunter is making his way back to Mendev, back to Kenebras.

Chakk/Elibor Gunter, The Demon Doctor

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