Wrath of the Righteous

The Wrath of the Righteous Adventure Path begins with the launch of the Fifth Mendevian Crusade soon after a devastating attack on the Worldwound border by the demon armies. From this explosive beginning, a new group of heroes rises—heroes who are destined for legendary achievements. But will these heroes’ righteous wrath be enough to stop the full fury of the Abyss?

The Wrath of the Righteous Campaign will be taking place in a modified Golarion setting. Players are encouraged to use this wiki as a primary source and ask the GM if they have any additional questions regarding the game world. Other resources on Golarion will likely conflict with the world created here. We’ll be using two books beyond the the Core Rulebook; the Advanced Players’s Guide and Mythic Adventures. That’s right! In order to take on the demons of the Abyss, you’re going to need some mythic tiers. This campaign will guide your characters to becoming nothing more than walking, living legends.

To augment character design, we’ll also be using three extra guidebooks, the Demon Hunter’s Handbook, Mythic Origins, and Paths to Pretige. Feel free to use these books to inspire your character design and get extra ideas about how to tackle the demonspawn of the Abyss.

We’ll also be using out-of-character roles to play a more seamless game that runs more like an adventuring guild. These roles will be; The Caller, The Mapper, The Quartermaster, The Timekeeper, The Chronicler, and The Rules Coordinator.

By tracing through the wiki pages, players can guide themselves on a journey through Golarion, through the Worldwound and into the realms beyond. The crusader city of Kenabres is an excellent starting point for such a journey. Players interested in demonology are encouraged to travel through the Worldwound, while those who are interested in exploring Golarion can travel south along the Sellen and West Sellen River.

And be sure to let the GM know if you find any Easter Eggs! They’ll be worth in-game bonuses for your character.