Witch Hunters

Prelate Hulrun might be the most notorious witch hunter in Kenabres, but he’s hardly the first. In 4622, during the First Crusade, holy warriors streamed into Mendev, where they encountered Sarkorites practicing their faith. The crusaders, goaded by their righteous fervor, mistook the wooden fetishes and unfamiliar rituals for evidence of demonic influence. In that first year, more than 40 natives of the region died at the hands of ardent crusaders.

As the years passed, formalized groups of witch hunters emerged from the disorganized chaos of the First Crusade. These witch hunters were often self-styled, their tactics little more than brutal trial and error. The least bit of “evidence” could mark a target for investigation—a club foot, a thick accent, or even a “suspicious” absence of abnormalities.

The witch hunter groups gained reputations for being cruel and arbitrary, although these weren’t always deserved. Demons ranged freely over the Worldwound and often spilled into Mendev. Demonic possession did happen, though not nearly as often as the witch hunters charged. Genuine witch hunters used divination magic and cautious investigation to draw out and destroy fiends, such as the methods employed by Eterrius Sunnestier, who became an adviser to Lord Hulrun during the Third Mendevian Crusade. The use of such cuatious methods were rare compared to the inflamed inquisitors who burned innocent Mendevians at the stake.

Since the end of the Third Crusade, the frequency of hunts has dropped substantially, but Prelate Hulrun remains an active hunter. He maintains a troop of trained witch hunters he dispatches throughout the city to investigate rumors of corruption and possession. The power of the witch hunters isn’t absolute, but the sight of their patrols led by Captain Liotr Hawkblade makes even the most pure-hearted citizen uneasy.

Witch hunters have pursued but not effectively prosecuted members of the Blackfire Adepts, a secret organization with strong roots in Kenabres. Though the Blackfire Adepts are not necessarily Demoniacs, their fervor for exploring the planar energies of the Abyss is sufficient proof for Lord Hulrun of their unsavory reputation.

Witch Hunters

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