Third Mendevian Crusade


Now contained within Sarkor by a combination of the Wardstones and the distraction of an entire nation to plunder, the demons] continued to press against the borders of the Worldwound but seemed largely content to revel in their captured realm.

Meanwhile, as the years passed, the Mendevian Crusaders grew more and more corrupt. Over the nearly seventy years of the Mendevian Crusades, the resource-strained church of Iomedae had increasingly accepted less and less trustworthy members, referred to “low templars”, into the war effort.

The church launched the Third Crusade primarily as an attempt to galvanize the crusaders, but its focus increasingly turned toward self-destructive witch hunts and internal squabbling. Starting with misplaced zeal in the First Mendevian Crusade, there has been a tradition of witch hunting in Kenabres.

The “witches” that have been burned at the stake in were mostly just people who were different in faith or just physical appearance. Operating ostensibly under the aegis of the church of Iomedae, the witch hunters operated as a law unto themselves, taking whatever measures they deem necessary to keep Kenabres free of demonic corruption and possession.

Ultimately, the Third Crusade collapsed under its own corrupt weight, accomplishing very little within the Worldwound—apart from delighting and entertaining the new demonic masters of Sarkor .

Third Mendevian Crusade

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