Storasta was the most vistited city of the fallen nation of Sarkor in northeastern Avistan, being at the head of the Ellem River. Originally ruled by shaman lords, the city was annexed into the nation of Sarkor by the Zakarum council that governed the nation seated in Iz, after trade opened between Sarkor and the other nations of the notrth.

Pulura was heavily worshiped in Storasta before it came under Sarkorite influence, and the local population continued the worship of her, despite the grumblings of Iz. of for spiritual guidance. Within the city was an impressive ring of idols revering the mistress of the stars.

When the Worldwound opened, the priests of Pulura in the Northmounds received a warning vision from their patroness. They sent visions to the inhabitants of Storasa who quickly evacuated the city. They fled to the south into Numeria and Ustalav, and east into Mendev.

Like the rest of the former cities of Sarkor that have now come under abyssal rule within the Worldwound, Storasta is now overrun by demons. Prior to the appearance of the Worldwound, Storasta was known for its groves and gardens. It is now overrun by fiendish demons that have corrupted these druid groves with stinking moss and thorns.


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