Stones is a common game played by children, and sometimes by adults, throughout Avistan. While there are many regional variations to the game, the most common and most basic form of the game involves two or more players, each with five small, round stones. A circle is drawn on the ground, usually about a foot and a half in diameter, and the players stand around the circle from a distance, usually between one to three feet. The players take turns flicking or tossing the stones into the circle, while also trying to knock their opponents’ stones out of the circle, until all the stones are used up. One point is awarded for each stone that is in the circle at the end of the game; one point is also awarded each time a player knocks an opponent’s stone out of the circle. So, if a player knocks an opponent’s stone out of the circle, but her stone stays within the circle, she gets two points. The person with the most points at the end of the game wins.

Variations of the game can be found in the different countries of Avistan.

In Galt and Taldor, each player starts with ten stones, and they each place half of their stones within the circle at the start of the game. These are called the players’ “pots.” They then use their remaining stones to knock out their opponents’ pots. In a common variant, any pots that a player knocks out are kept as winnings.

In Mendev, Numeria, and Brevoy, the game consists of two concentric circles. Landing a stone in the inner circle gains two points instead of one. Knocking an opponent’s stone from the inner circle to the outer circle is one point, while knocking a stone from the inner circle to the complete outside of both circles (called “banishing” the stone) earns two points.

Of course, each group of companions frequently devises unique house rules as well. Perhaps it is this malleability that allows Stones to remain such a popular game.


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