Second Mendevian Crusade


When a second wave of demons erupted from the Worldwound in 4636A.R., the crusaders had settled into their new homes in Mendev. They again took up arms against the demons, expecting a short series of fights and boasting that this time they would drive the host back to the very edges of the Worldwound itself. But their expectations did not come to fruition.

This time, the demons pouring from the Worldwound were not only more numerous—they were better prepared. Rather than the haphazard, chaotic, self-indulgent mob the crusaders previously encountered, the marauding demons were now legions driven by powerful commanders. Under their commanders’ direction, the demons orchestrated strike forces, teleported behind enemy lines, drove their enemies toward their advancing ranks, and then crushed their opponents between them. The armies of Zuhra Aponavicius captured the crusader city of Drezen using such tactics, forcing the church of Iomedae to finally call for the Second of the Mendevian Crusades.

Even with the influx of troops from the Second Crusade, however, it quickly became apparent the demons were going to win. Fortunately for Mendev, the demons aimed the bulk of their devastating attack westward and southward. The impending loss prompted the leaders of the Mendevian Crusaders to make a fateful decision— they pulled their support from Sarkor, allowing the demon army to descend on what remained of that land, and instead concentrated their efforts on erecting Wardstones along the West Sellen River and Moutray rivers. The price of their actions proved steep, but, as the Wardstones flared to life, the menhirs contained the demons within lost Sarkor and saved tens of thousands from grisly deaths. Yet despite this success, the near- total loss of Sarkor is generally regarded as the final capstone on a disastrous crusade

Second Mendevian Crusade

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