The lost nation of Sarkor was a collective nation of city-states governed by a powerful theocracy based in the slave city of Iz. After the death of Aroden in 4606AR, a static rift between Golarion and the Abyss appeared in the Northmounds near Iz. The nation of Sarkor fell, now replaced by the demonic nation of the Worldwound.

At its height, Sarkor was composed of four impressive cities governed by Zakarum council who ruled with complete power. The western city of Dyinglight was the military heart of Sarkosis. The country’s central plateau was the site of numerous mines on The Plateau run by slave labor, and the nearby city of Iz was a center of stone and metalworking on . Miners from The Plateau would also trade in the metropolitan city of Undarin, rubbing shoulders with the herders the Shepherd Valley bringing their flocks to market. All but Iz lay on the River Ellem River. To the west of the Shepherd Valley lay The Shudderwood, a vast forest that separated Sarkor from Ustalav and the Hold of Belkzen.

Sarkor was inhabited by a dark skinned people with white hair, who long ago had left on a pilgrimage from Qadira to find a land to call their own, as described in the texts of Zakarum. Employing a sect of summoning magic that some modern arcane scholars have determined to be demonic in nature, Sarkor became a seat of both mercantile trade and arcane secrets.

This prosperity attracted the attention of the lich wizard-king of Ustalav, who invaded Sarkor igniting The Century War in 4328AR. After the destruction of Karcau which led to an end to the war, the God Aroden took notice of demonic magic that the Zakarum has used to flatten the Village of Voices.

Sarkor was invaded for a second time, as Aroden himself led his army of followers into Iz to unmask the high Zakarum council as cultists of Deskari, demon lord of the Locust Host. Aroden fought against these followers of Deskari and the Avatar of Locusts they summoned, and drove the cult into the Lake of Mists and Veils in 4433AR. A new high Zakarum council was chosen from the Sarkorite houses, hand picked by Aroden.

After Aroden’s death in 4606AR was immediately followed by the appearance of a gaping gateway to the Abyss, near city of Iz. The city fell to the demonic incursion, as did Dyinglight and Undarin and the very land became warped and twisted as demons spewed forth from the Abyss. The city of Storasta was the last to fall.

The church of Iomedae, appalled by the demonic invasion, declared the Mendevian Crusades in order to drive back the demons. While they have been successful in containing the demonic threat, Sarkor itself remains firmly under demonic control.

Only the small remote southern town of Gundrun remains free – mainly because the demons have more or less forgotten about it in their larger conflict with Mendev. Refugees of lost Sarkor huddle here, all that remains of their devastated culture.


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