Realm of the Mammoth Lords

A realm of mega-fauna, the Realm of the Mammoth Lords is a land in Avistan that is inhabited by myriad “family-based” tribes and larger “followings.” These groups are multi-racial vagabonds and warriors seeking to test themselves against the vicious environment of the Realm. Hardy and crafty hunters, they live off the great mammoth herds that roam through the land, supplemented with the occasional refugee fleeing from demon-held lands of the Worldwound to the west. The three largest tribes are the Ghost-Masks, Hookbacks, and the Houndgutters – each carrying distinct, ancient traditions of hunting and survival in such brutal lands.

This realm is bordered to the north by the Crown of the World, and to the south by Hold of Belkzen and the Varisia frontier. Irrisen borders the realm to the west, and the Abysally infested region of the Worldwound to the east.

Overt incursions from Demons are rare; there are no major cities in the Realm to hold the attention of the hordes. The Tribes have no real protection against demons in disguise, however, and infiltration is on the rise – as is mistrust between the tribes as a result. Generally speaking though, the Wound is of little interest within the Realm – the Tribes are content to remain within the Realm and to deal with those outsiders who would interrupt their hunt and great struggle.


Realm of the Mammoth Lords

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