Numeria is a barren, harsh land ruled over by a despot and his mage council, known as the Technic League. Numeria is well known throughout Avistan for the ruined remains and pieces of a mighty star that fell to the Golarion thousands of years ago. The largest chunk is known today as the Silver Mount, and fell near the capital city which bears its name. The fragments gave off strange radiation that caused mutations that persist to this day.

Though the ruler of Numeria once entertained visions of conquest and unification of the warring River Kingdoms, these ambitions dies in 4606AR with the death of Aroden and the opening of the Abyssal portal in the north of neighboring Sarkor that created the Worldwound. With an increase in the frequency of demonic attacks from the northwest, Numeria gave up its territorial ambitions and focused instead on protecting its borders. At the same time, thousands of refugees fled across the borders from Sarkor, fleeing the demonic hordes, but found little welcome among the people of Numeria.

The Mendevian Crusades have provided and continue to provide an additional lucrative source of income for the nation, as the Sellen River is the main artery for Mendevian Crusades traveling to Mendev from the south. This River Road begins in the Inner Sea and travels up the many tangled branches of the Sellen River and West Sellen River from the Lake of Mists and Veils. Even though the Mendevian Crusades have brought strange faces and foreign ideas to Numeria, the ruler of Numeria and the Technic League welcome them with open arms while overcharging them for even basic necessities, and make sure that they leave with little more than their fervent faith to battle the demonic hordes of the Worldwound.

The land has few geographical features; the biggest is the vast Lake of Mists and Veils which forms its northeastern border. The southern region also contains the northern headwaters of several of the rivers that eventually make their way into the River Kingdoms and is also crossed by the Sellen River, which eventually empties into the Inner Sea. To its west lies insular, undead-haunted Ustalav, to its northwest the demon-haunted wasteland of the Worldwound, and to the south the eternal war and turbulence of the River Kingdoms. The only stable nations that lie on Numeria’s borders are the crusader nation of Mendev to the north and the kingdom of Brevoy to the east.


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