The capital of the crusader state of Mendev, Nerosyan is designed first and foremost as a defensive fortification to hold back the endless demonic hordes of the Worldwound.

Nerosyan is located at a valuable strategic location, guarding the junction where the Egelsee River flowing from the east meets the northern-most branch of the West Sellen River. The Egelsee is additionally important in that it provides the city with its only reliably source of pure drinking water; the West Sellen’s flow comes too close to the corruptive influence of the Worldwound.

The city itself is laid out in a diamond pattern between the two rivers in order to maximize their defensive potential. The outer walls are topped with crenelations, and dozens of towers rise from the walls, ensuring that the defenders can pour fire into any attacking force. The top of the walls are covered in sloped roofs cut with arrow slits, which allow the defenders to ward off flying horrors.

As the capital city of Mendev, Nerosyn is ruled by Queen Galfrey, who uses her considerable authority to garner support for the Mendevian Crusades from nations as far as Taldor and Cheliax.


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