Moutray River

The Moutray River forms much of the northern frontier of Ustalav. From its source to the western end the river runs for 250 miles.

The Moutray River rises in the south-west of the Worldwound and travels in a south-easterly direction entering Ustalav. The river adopts a more easterly direction as it meanders along as the border marker between northern Ustalav and the Worldwound.

The Moutray is patrolled by the inhabitants of Ustalav to ensure that neither demons nor Sarkorite refugees cross the border from the Worldwound into their nation. It is often said that both are met with the aggressive force. When the Worldwound first opened a series of great battles occurred along the river, whoch is not remembered as little more than a massacre of fleeing refugees.

Today, a line of Wardstones placed along the bank of the Moutray River acts as the border between Ustalav and the Worldwound. In addition, many small forts and fortified villages supplement the protection of the Wardstones, supported by local borderlanders. Mendevian Crusaders often use these small fortification areas.

Moutray River

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