The land of Khanduras is located east of the nation of Brevoy, within the continent of Casmaron, west of the Lake of Mists and Veils. Human settlers have united the land into an empire in the past, but now the land is largely wilderness and bickering principalities due to the cycle of plagues and curses that sweep the land.

Khanduras is low-density and sparsely populated. About eight of every ten inhabitants live outside cities in settlements that are smaller than hamlets elsewhere. Other, non-human races live as nomads in packs that are smaller than that of an average village. Few larger cities still stand watched over by aging castles belonging to the many princes of Khanduras. Near the western edge of the nation is the city of Tristram a days journey east of the Lake of Mists and Veils. Toward the center through the Storith Wood is the city of Nottingham, former capital of Khanduras. Far to the north, near the Crown of the World, lies the ancient Hask-Ultharan cairns.

Khanduras has historically been ravaged by plagues, and even today a host of illnesses keeps the population low. Many druids who once practiced within the Storith Wood hase been driven from Khanduras as suspected causes of these plagues, these exiles now live in Mendev. The last of these plagues was determined to be caused by agents of Deskari, who posed as priests to spread a demonic disease. This hidden cause of this plague was uncovered and the cultists stopped by the paladin Chiemeka des Chapeaux of Galt and the local farm girl Selma Wolberg.

With Aroden’s death in 4606AR and the opening of the Worldwound in Sarkor, many Mendevians fled east, with the Sarorites following. Khanduras has since absorbed these refugees into their population, though many still identify these immigrants as outsiders, accusing them of the newer plagues that still sweep the land.


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