Hold of Belkzen

While orcs can be found throughout Golarion, nowhere else are they as plentiful or live in as densely populated settlements as in the Hold of Belkzen. Belkzen is an unforgiving wasteland filled with shrub brush, steep mountains, and uneven badlands, where water is scarce and generally limited to seasonal floods.

After emerging on the surface of Golarion when Aroden arrived on Golarion, the orcs were driven back into the desolate regions of north-central Avistan by the dwarves. One orc warlord counterattacked, vowing to reclaim lost holdings and drive the dwarves back underground. The orc horde besieged and captured a dwarven fortress, putting the population to the sword.

With the citadel in his power, the orc warlord consolidated his position by fortifying the dwarven city and renaming it, loosely translating to “First Home” in orc. To this day it remains as a symbol of orc power. The unity of the warlords realm was short-lived and did not survive his death, immediately collapsing into dozens of factions.

It was not until the arrival of the a powerful lich wizard-king that the orcs unified once more. Under the banner of their new lord, they assailed Ustalav, bolstering the lich’s army. WIth the defeat of the lich wizard-king by Aroden, the nation of Lastwall was established as a watchful guardian against the possible return of the lich, carved out of the orcish lands. The boundary between these two nations has been contested by frequent skirmishes ever since.

Belzken is bordered on the west by the nation of Varisia and the Realm of the Mammoth Lords to the north. Little trade goes in or out of the country across these borders as racial hostilities against the orcs inhabiting Belzken runs high.

Hold of Belkzen

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