Fourth Mendevian Crusade


Most historians of the crusade agree that the third of the Mendevian Crusades did more to help the effort of the Abyssal Armies then hinder it. While the crusaders fought amongst each other, the demonic armies plotted a new strike against Kenabres.

After decades of Abyssal rule, a dangerous new addition to the demon armies in the Worldwound arrived in the form of Khorramzadeh the Storm King. Scholars of the war are divided as to whether or not the Storm King had been ruling from Iz all along, or if he was but the latest arrival in the region. Regardless, the Storm King’s first assault on the border resulted in no less catastrophic an event than the cracking of the Kenabres Wardstone.

The ferocity of this attack caught the crusaders off guard, but in the end the Wardstone held. In response, the church of Iomedae called for the Fourth Crusade. This crusade proved to be the longest and most grueling of the crusades yet, lasting 15 years and ending more as a result of wartime exhaustion than anything else. The demons lost very little, and in the years since this crusade’s whimpering conclusion, morale along the Worldwound’s borders has reached an all-time low.

Fourth Mendevian Crusade

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