First Mendevian Crusade


Although a fair number of holy warriors came to Sarkor’s aid in the first several years after the Worldwound opened, the church of Iomedae did not declare the start of the Mendevian Crusades until 4622AR, as the repercussions of Aroden’s death significantly delayed the church’s ability to respond to the growing crisis.

The governments of Cheliax, Isger, and Andoran, dealing with internal conflicts of their own, saw the Mendevian Crusades as a way of ridding themselves of many dispossessed nobles and wandering mercenary companies, and joined the church of Iomedae in their efforts.

By the time the First Crusade reached Mendev, the demons had long since seized control of central Sarkor, and had claimed significant portions of Mendev as well. The First Crusade bolstered the defenders of Sarkor and Mendev, boosting both their numbers and morale, and the sudden increase in the enemy’s strength caught the demonic horde unprepared, causing them to retreat back to the Northmounds. With Mendev and southern Sarkor thus liberated, the crusaders remained in the region to help rebuild—an offer Mendev welcomed gratefully, but one that the disparate and proud clans of Sarkor accepted more reluctantly.

In any event, for the next few years the demons seemed content to focus their wrath upon Sarkor Northmounds, battling primarily with the surviving Sarkorite clans desperately attempting to reclaim their family lands, while Mendev remained relatively unmolested.

First Mendevian Crusade

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