Enemies of the Crusades

During the prolonged war against demonic forces, the people of Kenabres and Mendev have come to learn more about the inhabitants of the Worldwound.

Some of the known characters leading the fight against the holy forces of Mendev include;

Zuhra Aponavicius: A mortal turned over the demons, she rules over the fallen city of Drezen,

Areelu Vorlesh: Mastermind of the Worldwound, she is credited with the finding the tear between the Material Plane and the Abyss in the lost nation of Sarkor,

Deskari, Lord of the Locust Host: The Demon Lord whose minions stream forth from the Worldwound,

Khorramzadeh the Storm King:, a powerful Demon residing in Iz, the Storm King is responsible for the crack in the Kenabres Wardstone when he assaulted the city nearly 20 years ago.

Minagho: a powerful demon credited with the Red Morning Massacre at the beginning of the Mendevian Crusades,

Staunton Vhane: formerly a crusader, it has recently been revealed that this treacherous dwarf has been working for the demons for decades.

Enemies of the Crusades

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