Standing at the headwaters of the Ellem River and surrounded by the marshes and sulfurous hotsprings, Dyinglight was once a major city in the lost nation of Sarkor. Abandoned by its human inhabitants shortly after the opening of the Worldwound in 4606AR, Dyinglight is now the home of foul demons that roam the land.

Before the death of Aroden and the subsequent demonic invasion, Dyinglight was the center of Sarkor’s military might, housing The Red Dawn. The humans who lived there originally made their living as hunters and trappers, who constantly fought against the marsh giants which inhabited the surrounding marshes. After the modernizing of the city, it became a massive terraformed training ground, with pockets of labs to test the magics of Sarkor.

When the Worldwound opened, the trainees, officers, and scientists of The Red Dawn all not out of country did their best to hold back the demon hordes, but they were betrayed by the Demons, and so were overrun, their knowledge lost.

Now, Dyinglight is infested with fiends who have undone the terraforming and made a pact with the marsh giants that inhabited the fens and hotsrpings that surround the city. These abyssal creatures frequently clash with the clans of the Realm of the Mammoth Lords, resulting in fierce raids from both sides across the empty tundra between both nations. Despite these continual conflict, the demons have shown little interest in pressing for westward expansion, possibly due to the massive expanse that separates these nations.


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