Dwarven Race

Dwarves can be found throughout Avistan and Garund, although the vast majority inhabit the Five Kings Mountains on the borders of Druma. Of particular note are the city of Highhelm, whose inhabitants consider themselves the heart of dwarven culture and life.

Dwarves are usually shorter than humans and elves, but typically weigh more due to their thick, heavy bones. Their hair is usually worn long, and dwarven men expend considerable effort growing, maintaining, and embellishing their long beards. Popular beard decorations among more traditional dwarves include complicated braids, small trophies of battle, or other objects that are tied to significant life events.

Dwarves were forged by the God Torag in ancient times, deep under the surface of Golarion, where the fought against orcs who also resided there. Thousands of years ago, prophets of Torag foretold that their God would have them migrate to the surface of Golarion. In doing so, the dwarves inadvertently pushed the orcs to the surface as well, finally emerged onto the surface around -5000AR. Many dwarves still take great pride in returning to their ancient homes deep beneath Golarion, represented by the tradition on Gladdringgar.

Most dwarves venerate Torag, the God of the Forge, above all others, although Cayden Cailean is also given great respect. Torag’s teachings still guide most of dwarven culture and thought, as they believe he will abandon them should they ever fall slack in their duties.

Dwarven Race

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