Demon Letter from Khanduras

17 Phasast 4712

My Dear Cruella Vorlesh,

I have received the map of the Midnight Isles, well done. Your expediency in infiltrating the order of those wretched Triune monks is as much as I would expect of one of my daughters, you have proven yourself worthy of the blessings of Deskari.

I have taken your request into consideration, and I believe the service of one of my Viexel’venu is in order. Be sure that you have produced the appropriate sacrifice before invoking the calling, they must still be paid for their services.

Do not waste too much time in the Khanduras backwater my daughter, we have much to do before we reign down destruction of Kenabres. Now that we have the map, we can begin the next and final stage of our plan. When the mehirwalgeu of those Mendevian fools falls, I will need all my daughters at my side when the reaping commences.

Do not be late.

Arelu Vorlesh

Demon Letter from Khanduras

Wrath of the Righteous Gopalkrishna