Cathedral of Saint Clydwell


The Cathedral of Saint Clydwell once stood In the heart of Old Kenabres, before it was destroyed during Black Armasse by Khorramzadeh, the storm king of Iz. Before, it was called the Grand Temple, and honored Saint Clydwell, a champion of Iomedae who sacrificed herself to activate the powers of the Demonscope.

The cathedral was a great stone building with a green copper steeple and stained-glass windows portraying the imprisonment of various horrific demons. Wounded warriors were taken to the cathedral to be healed, and the priests of the cathedral performed blessings on crusaders about to venture forth. Although the Kenabres Temple of Iomedae served the everyday needs of the people, the cathedral was used for important services and gatherings.

The demon-hunter and priest Eterrius Sunnestier took on most of the leadership duties at the cathedral when it stood. He could often be seen in conference with Terendelev while in her human form. Adventurers looking to pledge their blades to Iomedaeā€™s service and take the Crusader Oath usually chose this cathedral over the temple, as did adventurers wishing to purchase healing items or pay for resurrections.

Cathedral of Saint Clydwell

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