Avistan is the most heavily-settled continents on the planet Golarion. The continent is mostly populated and governed by the many races of humans, which possesses as many varied cultures and environments as can be imagined. The continent is home to once-great empires like Cheliax and Taldor, rising powers like Andoran and Molthune, and the ancient ruins in the wild frontier of Varisia.

Humans are not alone in Avistan. The long-lived dwarves dwell in the Five Kings Mountains, and at the foothills of the many mountain ranges in Avistan, the corgyn make their home. The elves have recently returned to their ancient forest citadel in Kyonin, where they have begin to rebuild their once shining nation.

Though halflings can be found in abundance traveling throughout Avistan, many consider the River Kingdoms to be their home, as do the otteroys. Orcs are well-scattered across the continent, with the Hold of Belkzen being their adopted home. The nomadic armored bears can be found in the northern reaches of Avistan, in Mendev and Lands of the Linnorm Kings.

The continent of Avistan is separated from the continent of Garund by the Inner Sea. Avistan is bordered by the continent of Casmaron to the west and the Arcadian Ocean to the east.

Avistan is a continent of ruined empires, warring city-states, thriving cities and prosperous trade routes. A few of the more notable nations are briefly listed below.

The nation of Mendev in northeastern Avistan is a land defined by its conflict with Abyssal forces unheard of anywhere else on Golarion.

The Worldwound
A demon-haunted wasteland that lies at the northern-most reaches of central Avistan, the Worldwound is an unnatural blight: it is a rift to the Abyss opened on the Material Plane.

Knights, fair maidens, heroic adventures, and righteous quests—these are the legends of old Taldor. But the once-powerful empire has fallen from its former glory, twisted by strange dark forces that warp the minds of the gentry that once ruled this land.

Andoran is a nation of the people, governed by the principals of Common Rule which grants every man a voice. Andoran holds the reins of its own destiny in the strong hands of its people; it is the birthplace of freedom.

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