Tag: Artifact


  • Wardstones

    A Wardstone is an artifact, a magical item of incredible power, generally beyond the ability of mortals to create. It is a menhir inscribed with runes which wards out [[Demons | demons]]. Its power must be maintained by regular prayers and rituals. The …

  • Demonscope

    The artifact known as the Demonscope is the most prized possession of the [[Mendevian Crusaders | crusaders of Mendev]], as its amazing powers help keep the demons of the nearby [[Worldwound]] at bay. [[:saint-clydwell | Saint Clydwell]] is credited …

  • Sphere of Annihilation

    Artifact of Legend... Location Unknown... The key to [[:justinchaney | Waakar Brine]]'s plan to destroy his nemesis. [[File:366432 | class=media-item-align-none | dndblacksun.jpg]]