The Midnight Lord, The Dark Prince, The Blind God


Zon-Kuthon position as the blind God is well earned, for all creatures are equal before his blind sight. Seeing renders judgement, and Zon-Kuthon practices the supreme acceptance of all, provided that they too succumb to a life in the dark, a life of equality, a life blinded.

Zon-Kuthon has little concern for the dealing of other deities. The Dark Prince has no need for any alliances, wars, or diplomatic dealings. While often the target of vengeance from Golarion’s good deities, Zon-Kuthon himself does little to instigate conflict. That said, he is not above converting followers of other faiths, and does so whenever possible. The only one safe from the blindness he seeks to bestow on all is his sister Shelyn, though he grants no such immunity to her faithful.

There is no centralized church of Zon-Kuthon, and independent churches are content to spread the Blind God’s teachings in their corner of Golarion. As a lawful faith, however, each sect has a clearly-defined hierarchy, based on physical power, endurance, and willingness.

Worshippers of Zon-Kuthon, known as Kuthites, run the gamut in their origins and motivations for joining the faith. Whether they be sadists, masochists, or those who seek equality in all things blind, clergy of the Blind God are usually easily identifiable by the red cloak that they wrap around their eyes.

Despite the faith’s negative image in most nations, others have welcomed his worship and established their governments around it, such as Nidal, which is ruled by a secretive and court of dedicated Kuthites.


At the beginning of time, Zon-Kuthon was known as Dou-Bral, a good deity who shared the portfolio of beauty, love, and the arts with his half-sister, Shelyn. When their relationship soured, Dou-Bral abandoned Golarion for the dark places between the planes, and there was tormented and possessed by an alien being. Upon returning to our reality, Dou-Bral as he had been known was gone, only Zon-Kuthon remained.

When Shelyn saw that her brother was forever changed, the two battled, her pleas and tears met with a violence Dou-Bral would never have been capable of. Shelyn finally wrested the golden glaive the two had shared (a symbol of their power) from her twisted brother’s fingers, and established an tenuous truce that held in place more by silence and avoidance than any desire to actually coexist.


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