Yaniel Drasel

Hero of the Fourth Mendevian Crusade


Many crusaders have made demons their focus of study, but few did so with as much vigor and determination as a human paladin named Yaniel Drasel. A young member of the Order of Holy Sentinels, she underwent self-imposed exile into the Worldwound at the beginning of the Fourth Mendevian Crusade to prove her faith. She emerged two years later with a band of crusaders that had been presumed to be dead and with the light of Iomedae shining through her.


A righteous paladin of Iomedae, Drasel defied Lord Hulrun throughout the third crusade, stating that his continued witchhunting did more to harm the crusades that to hinder the corrupting influence of the demons they fought against. By the time the fourth crusade began, Drasel arguments with the Prelate had nearly earned her exile from Kenabres.

Rather than being shunned and disgraced by her fellow crusaders, so she made the decision to go into the Worldwound alone as a means of redeeming herself and proving her faith. While in her exile, she would daily meditate with her sword and purify herself with courage. Throughout her self-imposed exile, her sword began to radiate with the power of Iomedae, and she named her sword Radiance.

Months later, she returned with a band of Eagle Watch crusaders thought lost to the wilds of the Worldwound. She saved these men and women from the clutches of demons and returned them safely to Mendev.

Her efforts are well known by many crusaders who came after her, and parts of her story even became a ballad sung in taverns throughout Mendev. After this experience, Draselbegan work on her texts explaining demonkind and the best ways to combat them whoch still circulate through the Kenabres Crusader Camps. She retired from crusading in her old age, becoming a librarian at the Blackwing Library until her death in 4694AR. Her sword, Radiance, was placed on display within the Gray Garrison museum.

Yaniel Drasel

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