Veserda Theowl

A devout noblewoman with a gift for interpreting dreams


Veserda Theowl is the matriarch of a minor noble family from the Ring District of Kenabres. She is in her late fifties, with bold streaks of gray in her hair and wrinkles just beginning to appear around her face. In her youth Veserda was a great beauty, a fact that is still apparent in her elegant cheekbones and sparkling gray eyes.

A practical and pious woman, Veserda wears simple and modest clothing that almost seems more suited to a cleric or a nun than a noblewoman. She has a soft, musical voice and a gift for speech that is succinct, yet not crass or uncouth. Her smiles disappear just as quickly and easily as they appear, and she frequently seems slightly distracted or troubled by something only she is aware of.

Over the decades, Veserda has developed a reputation as an uncanny soothsayer and interpreter of dreams, a skill that she attributes to the goddess Iomedae. When she is listening to a client retell a dream, she remains very still except for her eyes, which dart back and forth as if reading words that hang in the air before the client’s face. Some find this behavior unnerving, but it has helped solidify people’s perception of her expertise.


Veserda is the eldest of three siblings, and thus the head of the Theowl family. Although technically noble-born, house Theowl was never particularly rich or powerful, and Veserda has no ambitions to change that. She, her husband, and their two children live modestly in the family house with one of her younger sisters, the other sister having married into another house from Mendev’s capitol.

After a rather wild and rambunctious youth, Veserda found religion soon before her marriage, when a vision of Iomedae came to her one night. Since then, these divine visions have filled her dreams – and occasionally her waking hours – on a semi-regular basis. She is now a devout follower of the church and regularly attends service at the Cathedral of Saint Clydwell; sometimes her family accompanies her, but more often than not she is alone.

Veserda is well-known throughout the Kenabres Crusader Camps as a soothsayer and interpreter of dreams. However, she usually does not accept coin for her services. Instead, she asks for small trinkets from the Worldwound that appear in her visions, items that she believes must be reclaimed and purified in the name of Iomedae. While she does not maintain a stall like a common merchant, she accepts visitors in her home, and she also employs runners to maintain communication with the crusader camps.

Veserda Theowl

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