Elder dragon, sworn protector of Kenabres


The elder silver dragon Terendelev used to call the Mendevian city of Kenabres her home for many decades, before she was slain during Black Armasse by the balor Khorramzadeh.

When she was alive, she preferred her human form. She appears as an elder, willowy, androgynous human with pale hair and skin and large, haunting eyes. She usually wears loose silversheen robes and walks barefoot, even on busy city streets.


In her true dragon form, Terendelev was a fearsome sight. She towered over people and even over some buildings; the wind from her wingbeats could easily knock over those who are caught off-guard. Her silver scales glint and gleam in the sunlight, although many seemed to have a patina, as if they had tarnished somewhat. During cloudy days, her scales took on a soft gray color. A proud crest ran from the top of her head down to the tip of her tail, and her cheeks and chin were adorned with frills. Despite her massive size, she moved with cat-like grace, and was equally at ease on land or in the air.

She served the Iomedaean leadership of the city as a soldier and enforcer, patrolling Kenabres with a group of like-minded paladins in her human form. She was often found patrolling The Kite within the Ring District of the city, or meeting with military leaders to organize strikes across the West Sellen River into the Worldwound. When not on duty, she was often in contemplation at the Cathedral of Saint Clydwell in Old Kenabres. Terendelev rarely assumed her true form except in pitched combat, preferring instead to maintain a relatively low profile when she lived amongst the humans and other mortal races.


Terendelev arrived in Mendev shortly after the opening of the Worldwound, pledging her service to Queen Galfrey to protect Golarion in any way that she could from the corrupting inlfuence of the Abyss. After the Second Mendevian Crusade, Galfrey asked that the elder dragon attend the city of Kenabres , to protect the Wardstone encased there. Believing that the best defense is a relentless offense, Terendelev regularly organizes strikes into the Worldwound to prevent the demonic forces from rallying effectively at the border along the West Sellen River.

Once, while on such a mission into the Worldwound, Terendelev and her companions were ambushed and infected with a corrupting demonic disease. The doomed commander of the expedition, recognizing that he was beyond saving, ordered Terendelev to evacuate the survivors and retreat.

Upon her return to Mendev, the dragon’s scales were noticeably tarnished, and her behavior grew increasingly erratic. Fearing for her soul – and for the survival of the city – Lord Hulrun send word to Terendelev’s mentor, an ancient gold dragon named Aurix-Aaz. When Aurix-Aaz arrived, he drew Terendelev to a remote location, away from civilians, and confronted her. After a fierce magical battle, Aurix-Aaz subdued her and stemmed the slow moral deterioration caused by the disease, returning Terendelev to her senses. However, her body still bears some mark of the disease.

Terendelev rocketed to new fame in 4692AR, when the demon Khorramzadeh attempted to invade Kenabres. Although the demon managed to damage the Wardstone housed within The Kite, Terendelev was key to driving back the demonic attackers, nearly slaying the Storm King in the process. Survivors of the attack still speak with awe and wonder about the sight of Terendelev soaring over the city walls with her massive wings, and many bards have penned dramatizations of the battle.

Her victory over the balor was short lived however. Twenty years later in a demonic attack that would come to be know as Black Armasse, the elder silver dragon was slain by Khorramzadeh in a vicious attack on Kenabres.


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