Staunton Vhane

Betrayer of Mendev


The dwarf Staunton Vhane, once a decorated crusader and commander of a group of mercenaries, has been revealed as a betrayer to the Mendevian Crusades nearly a year ago. He has since fled to the Worldwound and some believe that he now resides within the city of Drezen.

Many suspect that his betrayal opened the gates of Drezen to the demons 75 years ago, marking the beginning of the Second Mendevian Crusade.


Little is known of Vhane’s life before he arrived in Kenabres with his mercenary group, save that he hailed from the dwarven city of Rolgrimmdur. As one of the most experienced and eldest dwarves in Kenabres, he often helped organize new crusading regiments for newly arrived dwarves, including the Deep Delvers. After his betrayal was revealed, he fled to the Worldwound, where he is rumored to reside in Drezen.

Staunton Vhane

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