Sibella Morond

Architect of Kenabres


Known as the Architect of Kenabres, the stonesmith and architect Sibella Morond arrived in the fledgling city shortly after the appearance of the Worldwound. She is an elven woman of short stature, and while she has the long ears and large eyes usual of elves, her features are a bit heavier than is typical – almost more like a human’s. She has wavy, chestnut brown hair that she keeps pulled up in a simple ponytail, and she wears light wire-rimmed glasses to correct her severe nearsightedness.

Morond is a very thoughtful individual; her brow is often furrowed slightly as she ponders some issue or another. She chooses her words carefully, constructing her sentences with the same care that she applies to her architectural designs. However, this does not mean she is shy or retiring – Morund is more than willing to speak out against the dominant opinion, as long as she is sure in her arguments.

Morond spends much of her time traveling throughout Golarion, presenting her often revolutionary ideas for both public and private works. While she has designed fortifications in Galt and private homes in Cheliax, she is best known for her design of The Kite and the water pumping system in Kenabres.


After the appearance of the Worldwound and the annihilation of Sarkor, the city of Kenabres began to suffer demonic attacks. The demons began targeting the city’s pumps that brought fresh water up from the West Sellen River, prompting the leaders of Kenabres to send out messengers declaring that they would pay a handsome reward to anyone with the skill to build fortifications for the pumps.

Sibella Morond came to Kenabres to claim the contract. While she was one of many aspiring architects who submitted proposals, Morond relentlessly promoted her plans to the city leaders until they finally agreed that her way showed the most promise. It took the city almost three years to complete her vision, and thousands of tons of stone had to be transported from Truestone Quarry up the West Sellen River to build the rising columns around the pumps. Although there was initially grumbling about the cost and the amount of labor required to implement Morond’s plans, the naysayers were soon silenced as the fortified pumps functioned without interruption during one demon attack after another.

After the end of the Second Mendevian Crusade, Morund returned to Kenabres – this time at the specific request of city officials, who were impressed with her previous work – and agreed to construct a fortification to house a powerful Wardstone. She personally oversaw construction of the Wardstone’s fortress in the Ring District at the base of the center pump’s structure. When the construction was complete, Morond presented the city
with an oversized stone shield engraved with the city’s sigil, which was mounted to the fortification. This fortress would become known as The Kite, solidifying Morund’s reputation as the Architect of Kenabres.

Sibella Morond

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