Saint Clydwell

Champion of Iomedae who embodied the spirit of self-sacrifice


Saint Clydwell was a halfling general who took part in the Mendevian Crusades. Clydwell Keep is named after her. She was originally a follower of Aroden, but switched to Iomedae on Aroden’s death.


Not a native of Mendev, when she arrived to fight against the demons of the Worldwound, the crusaders faced no end of problems. One being the besieging demon’s ability to teleport into the heart of even the most secure fortress. To solve this deadly problem and give the crusaders a place of safety, Clydwell recovered the Demonscope, which is housed in the keep that would later take her name. She died fighting a powerful fiend in the town of Dyinglight in what was then Sarkor; her death while protecting the sacred barbarian artifact resulted in the awakening to full power of the Demonscope. The paladins that accompanied her on her mission and survived her formed the Order of Holy Sentinels to carry on her spirit and ensure that the Demonscope remains safe.

The Cathdral to Iomedae in Kenabres is dedicated to Saint Clydwell; the Cathedral of Saint Clydwell is located in the Old Kenabres district.

Saint Clydwell

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