Queen Galfrey

Sword of Iomedae, Crusader Queen


Queen Galfrey is the absolute monarch of the crusader-state of Mendev, and leader of the Mendevian Crusades. She appears as a Taldan woman in thirties, but is actually over 100 years old. She has maintained her youthful appearance and vitality thanks to powerful magics and alchemy.

Queen Galfrey is well aware that the quality of soldiers flocking to fight the demons of the Worldwound as of late has been dropping off, but has been unable to turn most of them away because of the dire straits the country and the Mendevian Crusades have been. Even though Galfrey reigns as an absolute monarch, her direct control over Mendev does not extend far beyond the walls of the capital city of Nerosyan. Further afield, the various regional and local commanders, not to mention religious figures exercise quite a bit of autonomy, a fact that has led to a fair share of conflict over the past century. The inquisitors under the command of Lord Hulrun of Kenabres are a particular example of this. To this end, she maintains some degree of autonomy over the city of [[Kenabres] through the dragon Terendelev, who has pledged allegiance to the Galfrey.


Galfrey is the eldest daughter of the last prince of Mendev who died under mysterious circumstances on a diplomatic mission to Sarkor in 4601AR. She was quickly crowned and has remained the head of state ever since.

Queen Galfrey

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