Quednys Orlun

An aged wizard, librarian, and collector


Quednys is a wizard, scholar and founder of the Blackwing Library. His extensive knowledge about demons has as part and a part of the most complete record of research on demon hunting in all of Mendev and perhaps all of Golarion. Serving as one of Lord Hulrun advisers, Quednys Orlun is an aged and angular human accompanied by his black vulture familiar.


Founder and head librarian of Blackwing Library, Orlun had spent years studying demons before opening the library. Serving as a mercenary guarding caravans traveling along throughout Mendev or along the West Sellen River for years gave him the exposure and experience to continue fighting demons in his twilight years, though now in a more advisery role. His experience served him well as it served the people of Kenabres on Black Armasse as he was able to quickly teleport many of the cityfolk back to the impenetrable walls of Blackwing Library.

Quednys Orlun

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