Mistress of the Stars and the Aurora


Pulura, the mistress of the stars and the aurora, is an angel empyreal lord who was worshiped as a major deity in the lost nation of Sarkor. The Sarkorites saw her and the demon lord Content Not Found: Kostchtchie dual deities of the frigid northlands.


She was honoured by a mighty ring of idols in the city of Storasta which was destroyed when the city fell to the demons of the Worldwound. A cascade named for her, Pulura’s Fall, once flowed to the southeast of Iz, but has since been swallowed by the Worldwound. An idol to Pulura stands on the Walk of Lost Gods in the ravaged town of Gundrun.

Pulura is also know as The Shimmering Maiden, the Mistress of the Stars, the Mysterious Light of the Aurora. She is the God of constellations, northern lights, and those who are far from home. She is often worshiped by hunters, lonely travelers, nomads and stargazers.


Wrath of the Righteous Gopalkrishna