Great Kami of the Kitsune


The Great Kami of the Kitsune, Oinari was a massive vulpine outsider who visited Golarion many thousand of years ago when the world was young. Oinari was the combination of nine other great outsiders, manifesting themselves through nine fox tails. A trickster diety, they were hiding in the Material Plane to escape the fury of other distant deities. Androgenous, from Oinari came all the Fox Folk in his image. While Oinari’s physical form was on Golarion, the Fox Folk flourished and expanded all across Tian Xia. They revere him and his wisdom to this day. Kitsunes with white fur or multiple tails are considered to have a great connection to Oinari – they become Oracles. The worship of Oinari is ancient, and with the domination of the Fox Folk by humans, much diminished. Kitsune Oracles now devote themselves to other, newer gods – perhaps forgetting their ancient FatherMother.



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