Millorn Thunderstone

Last of the Deep Delvers, this mad wizards ravings hold some truth


The last of the Deep Delvers, Millorn has been driven insane by what he has witnessed and what he had to do to stay alive. Captured and bound by adventurers who defeated him before he could leave his imprisonment, Millorn only lives to wreck his vengeance on Staunton Vhane.


A dwarven wizard hailing from the arcane libraries of Tar-Kazmukh, Millorn came to Kenabres eager to join the Mendevian Crusades. Recruited by Staunton Vhane to join the Deep Delvers, Millorn was betrayed along with the rest of those faithful to Torag when he was sealed into an underground settlement deep below Kenabres.

Unlike his fellows, Millorn believed that cunning could free them from their fate. Communing with denizens who lived within the tunnels, Millorn formed an allegiance with the vermin and aberrations of the tunnels. Though he was able to find ways of raising food to sustain himself, he could only watch in horror as he fellow dwarves fell into despair, faithlessness or madness.

Years of solitude kept comfort only by deep aberrations and the horrific memories of atrocities committed by his own people against one another, Millorn has been driven insane. In between his sing-song rants and rhymes, Millorn makes one thing clear: He lives only to take his vengeance on Staunton Vhane.

Millorn Thunderstone

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