Marie Drury

Owner and manager of Wench's, largest inn in Kenabres


Marie Drury is the owner and matron of the popular inn Wench’s – and, before you ask, yes she is the wench in question. Crippled due in service of the Mendevian Crusades against the Worldwound, this one-armed innkeeper is often seen talking wistfully with other, more able-bodied soldiers who spend time at the inn when on leave.

It’s obvious in the way Marie carries herself that she was once a soldier, but the years since her retirement have added softness and roundness to her face and her physique. She normally keeps her flaxen hair pulled back and covered with a cap or kerchief, but it never seems to be entirely under control. Marie makes no attempt to hide the scarred stump of her left arm (amputated just below the elbow), and she has become quite adept at using her amputated limb to perform various tasks, such as carrying a tray or wiping down a surface.

Marie is a brash and directed character who is not afraid to toss a patron out on their ass if they disrespect her establishment or threaten her other customers. On the other hand, loyal regulars of Wench’s will find that Marie is the friendliest, most entertaining hostess in Kenabres, and she has a soft spot for mercenaries in particular. As a result, Wench’s is rarely troubled by robbers or other vagabonds; Marie has a de facto private security force consisting of mercenaries who are fond of her establishment.


For many years, Marie served as a mercenary fighting against the Worldwound. While she understood in the abstract the importance of the crusades, she was never motivated by religious or moral devotion like the many paladins whom she fought alongside; glory, adventure, and plunder were what interested her most. And she found glory, adventure, and plunder in abundance – despite regularly diving headfirst into risky situations, Marie always found a way to come out the other side relatively unharmed, often with some rare bauble or another in her pouch. Her comrades in her unit began calling her Lucky Marie, or sometimes Lady Luck.

One day, however, Marie’s luck ran out. Her unit was supposed to be performing a recon and sabotage mission deep in enemy territory, but their position was discovered and they were hit with overwhelming firepower. During the skirmish, Marie moved a millisecond too slowly and was caught in the jaws of a demonspawn of the Abyss. Fortunately, her squadmates managed to slay the demon and retreat to relative safety, but they were still far from the front line – and therefore from proper medical treatment. Marie’s arm was badly mangled, and to minimize the spread of infection the unit medic performed a field amputation. Marie says she doesn’t remember many details from that day, and she considers herself lucky for it.

After being evacuated to Kenabres and spending some time recovering from her wounds, Marie revealed she had saved enough plunder during the Mendevian Crusades to open an inn, which she named Wench’s. No one – not even Marie’s former companions – is entirely sure how or where Marie managed to acquire so much wealth, and she has been maddeningly unforthcoming on the topic. Regardless, it seems that Marie had a knack for running a business, and Wench’s has become one of the most popular inns in the city.

Marie Drury

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