Hulrun Shappok

Prelate of Kenabres, Grande Inquisitor


Prelate Hulrun Shappok is the aging leader of all inquisitors in Mendev, and the ruler of the northern city of Kenabres. Because he presides over the largest city in the region, he is second in power in Mendev only to Queen Galfrey.

Hulrun does not speak often, but when he does he speaks in forceful, commanding tones. He lives in a world of absolutes, of sharp lines, and it is reflected in his words and his interactions. Either you are the canniest adviser he’s ever encountered, or you are a mudbrained fool who’s good for nothing except mucking the stables. There isn’t room for middle ground with Hulrun.

His keen mind carries an edge of paranoia; he is constantly on the lookout for threats, great and small, to his person, his rule, his country, his world. This wariness has served him well as a tactician and a leader in a dangerous land, but it has also caused harm to more innocent people than he is aware. There are few that Hulrun truly trusts; his right-hand man, Captain Liotr Hawkblade, and his former witchunting companion, Eterrius Sunnestier, are two men who make that very short list. In matters regarding city finance, Hulrun is known to consult the acerbic nobleman Horgus Gwerm, though it is little secret that the two do not get along.

Hulrun is secretive about his appearance, and is rumored to walk the street of Kenabres in disguise to better hunt the demons that have infiltrated the city’s population. Those who have actually seen him describe Hulrun as a tall man, gray with age but unbent, with skin weathered like an old oak. Citizens of Kenabres claim he variously disguises himself as an old farmer, a drunk beggar, and an itinerant mercenary. He has one visible scar on his left cheek – a memento from a failed assassination attempt two decades ago. However, he has many more scars from his years in battle hidden beneath his clothing.


Hulrun has never been one for halfhearted gestures or tepid attempts, particularly when it came to eradicating the demonic taint from Mendev. In his youth, he (along with the witch hunter Eterrius Sunnestier) was the driving force behind the witch hunts that sparked the Third Mendevian Crusade in 4665AR. Having witnessed the growing corruption and degradation of the Crusader forces, Hulrun instigated the witch hunts out of a genuine desire to cleanse his church (and the surrounding people) of all evil and corruption, which he believes is invariably demonic in origin.

When Eterrius abruptly retired from witch hunting in 4668 AR, after a period of increasing conflict between the two men in which Eterrius questioned Hulrun’s sanity and ability to carry out his duties, Hulrun found that his political clout to continue the Third Crusade had slipped away, and the crusade ended with a whimper. Many commentators would say that the Third Crusade was a failure, but Hulrun maintains to this day that he saved Mendev and the church of Iomedae from succumbing completely to demonic influence, even if the crusade was unable to close the Worldwound.

Queen Galfrey must have at least partially agreed with him, for Hulrun was granted the title of Prelate in 4682 AR. While the rate of crime in Kenabres has remained relatively low under his rule, and his military prowess saved the city from destruction during the Fourth Mendevian Crusade, many citizens complain (quietly, when they hope no one can overhear) of the lack of privacy they have against the guards, who can enter homes and search persons without prior warning, all in the name of “keeping the peace.”

Perhaps due to age, or perhaps due to the greater complexities of running a city, Hulrun’s obsession with ferreting out demonic threats has been tempered as of late. In the past few years he has once again reached out to Eterrius for counsel, after over a decade of refusing to speak with him; questioning Hulrun’s decisions is normally an unforgivable offense. It’s possible – although no one would ever be able to make him admit it – that he has truly begun to understand the shame his past inquisitions have brought to the faith of Iomedae.

Hulrun Shappok

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