Liotr Hawkblade

Captain of Lord Hulrun's Witch Hunters


Liotr Hawkblade is Lord Hulrun’s right-hand man and leads the Prelate’s personal vanguard of Witch Hunters within the city. He is a stern and stone-faced man, with tan skin, fierce eyes ringed with sleeplessness, and black hair peppered with gray at the temples. Hawkblade is reputed to be as relentless as Hulrun was in his younger days, and perhaps even more cruel. He has a macabre, deadpan sense of humor that most others find inappropriate and unsettling, and conversations with him almost inevitably involve a long, detailed description of the horrors demons have inflicted on mortal bodies.

When not serving as the Prelate’s personal bodyguard, the Captain can be seen patrolling the Gate District and the Ring District with his retinue of witchhunters. He also oversees The Four Gates and performs the trial of the Gate of Fire on those who submit to it.


Liotr Hawkblade is fanatically loyal to the Lord Hulrun, who pardoned him for crimes against Mendev in return for his loyalty nearly 15 years ago, when Hawkblade was still a young man. Even the most studious scribes of legal history in Kenabres are unable to unearth what crimes Hawkblade committed, as all criminal records of the Witchhunter Captain have been purged from the city records. Hawkblade makes no attempt to hide his his Chilean ancestory, and often goes out of his way to draw suspicion to Kenabrians he believes to have Taldan or Andoran heritage.

As the inventor of the test of the Four Gates, it is rumored that Liotr has suffered greatly at the hand of demons. Those that submit to the third gate know that he bears a deep perfectly circular burn that circumscribes his ankle.

Liotr Hawkblade

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