Khade Mercystone

Huecuva, fallen priest of Torag, worshipper of Baphomet


One of the faithful of clerics of Torag, Khade was one of the eighteen Deep Delvers sent by Staunton Vhane to die deep in the tunnels under Kenabres. Rising to undeath as a huecuva, Khade roamed the halls of his defiled temple in search for peace until he was slain by adventurers.


After he was betrayed and his fate was sealed, Khade rallied his fellow dwarves to the altar of Torag to pray for divine intervention. When their prayers went unanswered for months, Khade’s faith crumbled and he defiled the altar to Torag, rededicating it to the Lord of the Labyrinth, the demon lord Baphomet. While his fellows perished around him, Khade’s heretic actions lifted him to undeath, which slowly spread to his fallen comrades.

Khade Mercystone

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