Julania Nalti

Lietenant of the Kenabres City Guard


Julania Nalti is the assigned Lieutenant Commander of the Warehouse Square within the New Kenabres district of Kenabres. She commands the soldiers that oversee the main crane that ferries goods out of the West Sellen River into the city.

A terse and overzealous officer of the law, she is well-known for her use of maximum force in rooting out suspected smugglers who may be supplying cultists within Kenabres. She is easily recognized by her ornate facial tattoo.


A former caravan guard, Julania Nalti fought in the crusades for several years before winning an appointment to oversee the defense of the crane and warehouses in Kenabres. She considers her appointment very seriously and holds herself responsible for any suspected misdealings within Warehouse Square. She also assists Liotr Hawkblade during festivities administering the Four Gates, specifically the gate of iron and steel.

Julania Nalti

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